Why we made this directory

We created this free directory for local Black Owned businesses to gain exposure. We also created this directory as a resource for those who wish to support local Black Owned businesses.

Who We List

Requirement for listing

Any business or contractor that has a principle or partner that is black can be listed on this directory.

“I am a Black Realtor for XYZ Realty, but XYZ Realty is not Black Owned. Can I be listed?”

Yes, you will be listed as [Your Name] – Realtor at XYZ Realty.

The would hold true if you are a hair stylist at XYZ Salon.

If you have any questions about whether your particular situation qualifies, please contact us at info@blackownedsantacruz.org

Always free

There is no charge in any way to be listed on this directory.

Add a business to the directory

If you are not the business owner, please be certain that you have the permission of the business owner before submitting them. We will use the email entered to verify the request to be listed.